24 Doctors participated in ‘The Champions Trophy 2020’ held by Wockhardt Hospital

Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central organised a Cricket Tournament Champions Trophy 2020 with participants of 350 enthusiast doctors from 24 teams. Enthusiast doctors participated in the match, and encouraged people to stay hale and hearty. Team Mahindra marvel won Cricket Treatment Trophy 2020, team Worli wolves was runner up. Doctors face their set of challenges, have to work for extra hours, and also suffer from physical and mental stress, like others. Even doctors have a tight schedule owing to emergencies, and hence it becomes difficult for them to strike a work-life balance. Doctors are busy healing but often tend to forget what’s ailing them. Thus, to help doctors relax and rejuvenate, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central conducted a cricket tournament. Dr. Parag Rindani, Centre Head at Wockhardt Hospital, South Bombay, says “This is 2nd year of crickets trophy among Doctors. Doctors are always on the go. They have demanding schedules and have to attend each and every patient with the same level of attention and focus that can become stressful at times. The long working hours, high level of stress and irregular eating habits can take a toll on their health. This cricket tournament was a stress-buster and fun event for the doctors.”

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