A breast centre launched for women by CK Birla

The CK Birla Hospital for women recently announced the launch of one of India’s most comprehensive breast health facilities, ‘The Breast Centre’ in Gurugram.  It offers a full spectrum of breast health services including prevention and genomics, screening (breast exams, ultrasound and mammogram) breast surgeries, breast reconstruction and conservation, chemotherapy and post-treatment support in the form of rehabilitation and counselling services.

The hospital has also partnered with the National Association for the Blind (NAB) to offer a unique breast screening technique – Medical Tactile Examination which uses the highly developed sense of touch of blind women in the early detection of any abnormalities which could be indicative of breast cancer. With this, the hospital becomes the only hospital in Gurugram to offer this unique service.

It is believed that one of the biggest reasons for the high mortality rate is the late diagnosis which is primarily due to lack of awareness and the absence of a proper breast cancer screening programme.

The CK Birla Hospital for women has developed a very comprehensive programme for breast cancer prevention and screening. Under the programme, it is offering a free comprehensive breast cancer screening package worth Rs. 5000/-. The package includes a clinical breast examination, a radiology screening in the form of an Ultrasound or Mammogram depending on the age and risk factor of the woman and a consultation with a breast specialist.

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