Ambu’s single-use cystoscope enters the Canadian market

Ambu Inc., a rapidly growing medical device manufacturer, received Health Canada clearance for the aScope 4 Cysto, a flexible cystoscope platform for urology.

The aScope 4 Cysto is a cost-effective, high-quality flexible endoscope featuring excellent portability. Each cystoscope is sterile from the package making it readily available when needed.

Steven Block, President, Ambu, said: “We are excited to bring our single-use cystoscope to urologists in Canada. Since launching in the United States, we have seen the positive impact our technology can have – redefining productivity for the doctors, staff, and the facility while ensuring a safe, sterile device for the patient.”

Doug Pedersen, National Sales Director, Ambu Canada, said: “We know there are challenges in today’s urology clinics – such as COVID-19-created procedure backlogs – that the aScope 4 Cysto can directly address. By providing a new paradigm for increasing outpatient throughput that isn’t constrained by reprocessing or capital budgets, we can improve urology clinic workflows and patient scheduling flexibility.”

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