blinq. Vision Scanner – to detect micro-strabismus and amblyopia

Canon Virginia, Inc. (CVI) and Rebion announce production for Rebion’s blinq. vision scanning technology, FDA cleared device designed to detect micro-strabismus and amblyopia (lazy eye) in children ages two through eight. With its portable design, blinq. offers an easy and efficient method for pediatricians and front-line vision screening organizations to screen children, obtain immediate results, and support efforts to eradicate a condition that impacts 3 -5% of the population.

Canon Virginia first announced medical device contract manufacturing along, with ISO 13485 certification in 2017, and publicly announced a collaboration with Rebion in February 2020 at the PLASTEC West expo in Anaheim. Justin Shaka, CEO, Rebion said: “We’re extremely excited to work with CVI. Our comfort with CVI’s engineers and operators was immediate. The ease of collaboration has given our R&D and, sales teams the confidence to successfully expand our market presence with high-quality products.”

Toru Nishizawa, President and CEO, Canon Virginia said: “Canon Virginia is looking for collaborations with innovative, inspiring and determined medical device companies within the industry; we found this with Rebion. We believe they have worked tirelessly to address amblyopia in children and continue the development of medical products in areas that may have a lasting impact for us all. I am very proud to be a part of bringing blinq. to the market.”

Jeff Mortensen, Executive Vice President, Rebion said: “We’re bringing technologies to the market that can eliminate or reduce the consequences of brain-related impairments. Collaborating with CVI and their expanded resources – Canon Financial Services (CFS) and Canon Information Technology Services, Inc. (CITS) – ensures our customers can secure funding for immediate acquisition of the latest market offerings and be confident with this industry-leading customer support.”

Ron Kurz, Senior Director & Operations Manager, Medical Business, explained: “Canon Virginia is excited to bring more than 30 years of engineering expertise and its full access to established resources to the medical industry. We are providing tailored solutions to meet Rebions’s needs. Our customers inherit the precision and quality expertise of the Canon brand. Additionally, Canon Virginia brings a highly developed quality-management system that is applied to every process.”

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