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Ophthalmic – An Evolving Industry

Ophthalmic equipment are medical devices which are designed for vision correction and surgical diagnosis, purposes and help to prevent disorders such as, dry eye, cataract glaucoma etc. This story takes our readers to the industry analysis and innovations in the ophthalmic equipment industry.

Innovations in Ophthalmic Equipment

Ophthalmology is at the brink of a revolution and we are happy to be a part of it, as we increase our armamentarium in delivering the best and safest patient eye care that was ever possible!   

ClearPath Glaucoma Drainage

The Ahmed ClearPath glaucoma drainage device has been commercially launched in the United States.

Eliminate Preventable Blindness by 2020 – A Tough Target

All stakeholders need to take concerted efforts to drive away the preventable blindness by 2020.

Ophthalmic market on rise

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, around 30 per cent of the world’s blind people are the citizens...

Sankara Eye Foundation, India wins award

Sankara Eye Foundation, India has become the first recipient of the IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj Milestone Merits Recognition Award for the year 2018 in the Operations Focus category. 


The major focal points at this year’s International Medical and Healthcare Fair were global start-up companies and wearable devices, reports Subhajit Roy.

Padma Shri bestowed to a visionary who has established a world-class...

Sankara Eye Foundation India is honoured to share that Dr Ramanathan V Ramani, the Founder and Managing Trustee, has been awarded the prestigious “Padma...

Eye care Product innovations of 2018

What recent innovations are pushing the boundaries of diagnostic, treatment, and state-of-the-art eye care? Here we feature a few eye care innovations that will fuel some of the key trends in 2018.

Social Heart & Business Brain: Success Mantra for Healthcare

Our research found that health care organisations with a social heart and a business brain can be quite profitable, sometimes more profitable than so called profit-maximising hospitals. Ravi Ramamurti, University Distinguished Professor of International Business and Director, Center for Emerging Markets at Northeastern University

Ophthalmic Equipment Industry: A Visionary Outlook

Ophthalmic devices are utilised in the detection and treatment of ocular defects or deficiencies and eye disorders. The increasing incidence of eye disorders and...

Recent Posts

Transasia Bio-Medicals wins Best Brand 2019 award

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., has been recognised as the ‘Best Brand 2019’ at a glittering ceremony recently held in Mumbai. The ‘Best Brand Award 2019’...

Coastal Vision Medical Group offers the RxSight LAL to Cataract Patients

Patients who received the Light-Adjustable Lens (LAL) were approximately twice as likely to achieve 20/20 vision without glasses than patients who received a standard monofocal intraocular lens (IOL).

AccuShelf integrates COVID-19 specific vaccine workflows

TruMed Systems, the makers of AccuVax and AccuShelf, release an update to the AccuShelf Temperature Monitor solution to integrate best practices for COVID-19 vaccine...

Customizing therapy sessions

Abhijeet, a Mechanical Engineer and MBA, sharing his insights about growth, strategy and expansion of SynPhNe, with Medical Equipment & Automation, mentions about developing its network and marketing activities to build the brand globally.
TGI welcomes Ministry of Health Guidance on essential health services during pandemic

TGI welcomes Ministry of Health Guidance on essential health services during COVID-19 pandemic

The policy note was prepared by The George Institute India researchers based on the global evidence from recent pandemics to understand issues and challenges for during COVID-19 and provided to NHRSC on 23rd March 2020.