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Medical device makers seek upto 18% price hike

Hike required to neutralise impact of rupee depreciation & inflation, MTaI says.

Occupational Radiation Protective layers through tearing layers of ignorance

Occupational radiation protection is the need of the hour given the high volume of fluoroscopically guided interventional procedures all over the world. For a similar procedure and dose each interventi onal radiologist/cardiologist can be exposed to varying orders of magnitude. - Dr Dilip Gude

X-Ray Detectors for Digital Radiography: 11 Tips to Protect Your Investment

It is crucial to protect your investment in this crucial piece of diagnostic imaging equipment. Here are the 11 tips required for handling X-ray Digital Radiography Detectors. - Kevin Odorczyk

The World’s First Full-Colour, 3D X-ray

New Zealand’s father and son scientists first time X-rayed a human using a MARS 3D colour medical scanner that they have developed.

Low-cost prosthetic foot that can be tailored to an individual

MIT engineers have developed a simple, low-cost, passive prosthetic foot that can be tuned to an individual’s body weight and size.
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Designing Economical Hearing Aid Device

The article details about small, effective and economical hearing aids that can be apt for the developing nations and also to the residents of rural and remote areas. - Subramanya Krishna Bhat

Probeam 360°

The new ProBeam 360° Proton Therapy System is designed for next-generation proton therapy.

Technology will drive medical imaging: Dr Bhargava

Though there is the fear that Radiologists could be replaced by computers, Dr Rajat Bhargava, Consultant Radiologist and Head - Radiology at Fortis Hospital, Mulund observes, “As of now, the fear is unfounded since most of the systems available are providing clinical decision support to the Radiologist, thus increasing his speed and accuracy.”

Ophthalmic market on rise

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, around 30 per cent of the world’s blind people are the citizens...

Injury surveillance data paramount for injury prevention in India

The Government of India recognises that one of the major gaps in planning and implementing injury related prevention strategies is the lack of realistic data on the exact nature and spectrum of injuries reported in our hospitals.