Monday, August 3, 2020
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3D Printing: How does it impact the dental industry

A doctor, a TEDx motivational speaker and a photographer par excellence, Dr. Namrata Rupani elucidates how 3D Printing is revolutionising dentistry. - Dr. Namrata Rupani

Dental Made Easy

The article discusses on what guidelines should be followed to maintain a dental clinic and dental equipment.


Pure titanium and titanium-base alloys are known to be the various corrosion resistant and biocompatible of all implant materials in the body.
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A step in the right direction

More than 80% of the country’s requirement of medical devices is met through imports. Though the new government under the aegis of Narendra Modi is pushing for its “Make in India” agenda to promote domestic manufacturing, the initiative is yet to yield tangible results at least in the field of medical devices manufacturing.

Transasia’s ‘Made in India’ products now available in the USA

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. today announced that all its in-vitro diagnostic instruments manufactured in Mumbai are now US FDA registered. It means that Transasia’s ‘Made...

Polylactic Acid Screws

Biodegradable screws made of polylactic acid are already used in the medical field, but they have the drawback that when these screws degrade, they can leave holes in the bone.

CII urges Govt to reduce custom duty on medical devices

The customs duty on medical devices may get reduced in the forthcoming budget with an aim to boost domestic manufacturing of such goods.
CSIR-CECRI working with industry to scale up Personal Protective Equipment

SCTIMST scientists develop disinfected barrier-examination booth for examining COVID-19 patients

The examination booth is closed like a telephone booth for examining the patient without direct contact with the doctor to prevent transmission of infection.