Eclipse launches DermaFlex Line of microcannulas for dermatologists and medspas

    Eclipse, a US-based medical device manufacturer, introduced the DermaFlex line of microcannulas. DermaFlex is an advancement in the design and usability of microcannulas.

    Tom O’Brien, CEO and Founder, Eclipse, said: “With recent studies proving the efficacy of microcannulas, DermaFlex is the perfect offering for the modern aesthetic clinician. We are elated to bring DermaFlex to market. As the first microcannula we have brought to market from conception, FDA 510(k) clearance, and through production, it represents the continued evolution of Eclipse as the leading medical device manufacturer for dermatologists and medspas.”

    Available in eight different sizes, each DermaFlex pack includes both pilot needle and microcannula. The microcannula offers a balance between rigidity and flexibility to give the practitioner unmatched control over injection depth and direction.

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