EndoFresh Disposable Digestive Endoscopy System received FDA clearance

EndoFresh Disposable Digestive Endoscopy System received FDA clearance. The system features a camera system with an innovative all-in-one design, disposable upper GI endoscope and disposable colonoscope, used together with the medical display and other peripheral devices to allow physicians to visualize, diagnose and operate gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Recently, the FDA has alerted health care providers to the risk of infections associated with reprocessed urological endoscopes. Therefore, the FDA has been reviewing information on other types of reusable endoscopes.

Since the global flexible endoscope market blossoming for safety and effectiveness, many manufacturers have engaged in the R&D of disposable endoscope. EndoFresh’s industry-pioneering technology addresses the traditional challenge of expanding endoscopy procedures while ensuring its single-use devices are cost-effective, risk-controllable and accessible.

Dr. Lee, CEO, EndoFresh, said: “With this novel system, medical practitioners could offer patients a secure experience, which is available at any time and anywhere. It helps to prevent the risk of cross-infection and minimize the workload in preoperative screening and postoperative disinfection.”

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