Eppendorf Introduces Move It Adjustable Spacing Pipettes


Eppendorf AG released new Move It Adjustable Spacing Pipettes. This new line of pipettes significantly reduces operating time when compared to single-channel pipettes, building efficiencies in laboratories. Responding to customer requests, Eppendorf designed this efficient and safe solution for synchronous pipetting a series of samples between different vessel formats such as between tubes and plates.

Move It has a unique design which does not use any tubing connections between cone and piston-cylinder system. Eliminating the tubing connections offers outstanding performance. Fewer moving fragile parts improves precision and durability. The pipettes are also autoclavable increasing user and sample-safety.


Casey Ganshirt, Regional Marketing Manager, Eppendorf North America, said: “Single-channel pipettes have been used to transfer individual samples from one vessel format to another which can be inefficient, tedious and error-prone, this is especially true when loading 384-well plates. This requires concentrated back-and-forth pipetting 384 times which can be tiresome. Move It pipettes significantly reduce this back-and-forth and therefore accelerate and simplify the workflow.”

Eppendorf engineers have developed Move It with a special design to ensure it is balanced and ergonomic. This allows the scientist to have a natural, relaxed hand position, even when adjusting the pipette, making it reliable and reducing fatigue.

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