Esaote unveils MyLab X75 ultrasound system

Esaote, a leading Italian biomedical company specializing in ultrasound, dedicated MRI and healthcare IT, launched the MyLab X75 ultrasound system.

MyLab X75 provides access to specific clinical solutions such as micro vascularization assessment, liver stiffness quantification and zero-click left ventricular function analysis. Esaote is committed to producing extremely clear, easy-to-read ultrasound images to provide an accurate diagnosis in the shortest possible time and improve the user’s experience in various clinical applications.

Eugenio Biglieri, COO, Esaote, said: “In the world of imaging and non-invasive diagnosis, innovation has an important role to play. Especially now that healthcare organizations are under pressure, ultrasound imaging can contribute as it does not emit ionizing radiation, is agile and has a point-of-care approach that ensures accessibility. Ease of use and automation are key factors that will convince users of this technology.”

The MyLab X75 has unparalleled connectivity and image sharing tools that make system management easier in these challenging times of the pandemic and enable innovative models to be implemented.

Giovanni Altobelli, Global Marketing Product Manager, said: “Development of MyLab X75 focuses on customer approach and our consolidated experience. Simplification of ultrasound imaging our top priority: light and handy, ergonomic and quiet, productive and environmentally friendly – the new system perfectly meets today’s clinical requirements.”

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