Godrej Blood Bank Refrigerators with no risk of freezing

The whole blood and red blood must always be stored at a temperature of +2 to +6 degree C to maintain blood’s oxygen carrying ability and to prevent red cell membrane rupture. Sure Chill’s unique technology limits the temperature variation in the cabinet to less than 1 degree C.

These refrigerators deliver performance with as little as 2½ hours of electricity per day at high ambient temperatures. Refrigerators can keep blood bags at a safe temperature for 7 days or more.

Water, not ice, surrounds Sure Chill refrigeration compartment. When power is supplied to the refrigerator, water cools and ice is formed above the compartment leaving only water at 4°C cooling the contents. When the power is switched off, the water warms and rises, while the ice begins to melt. This keeps only water at a perfect 4°C cooling the contents of the compartment. And, its environment friendly – CFC, HFC and HCFC free.

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