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Electrical India

India’s oldest magazine on power and electrical products industry

Electrical India established in 1961, is in its 55th year of publication. ELECTRICAL INDIA covers the latest happenings in the power, electrical products and published a mix of in-depth technical articles, product profiles, interesting technical articles, company profiles, news, views, and interviews with leading individuals along with exhibition diary.

Lighting India

India’s Foremost Magazine on the lighting industry

LIGHTING INDIA (Est. 2005) is currently in the 10th year of publication. We all use lights. But how much do we really know about lighting as a science? That came as a question when we went to a seminar. It was that very moment when the seeds of Lighting India were sown. Lighting India gives you the information on various researches going on around the world on lighting, interesting projects and products. It will get you closer to understand the world of glamour. Everything would look dull with inappropriate lights. At the same time the world can look beautiful if right lights are applied to our indoor and outdoor projects.

Cooling India

India’s foremost monthly dedicated to the growth of HVACR industry

COOLING INDIA (Est. 2004) is currently in the 11th year of production. It was started after realising that we in India very intently needed appropriate cold storage and cold chain facilities to safeguard the immense loss of food grain year after year due to inappropriate facilities provided by the government. Through our Cooling India, we are reaching out to the complete HVAC&R and relevant industries, giving them know how about the products, technologies and success stories on the application part of the HVAC&R in the industry.

Medical Equipment and Automation

India’s premier magazine on diagnostic, medical equipment and technology

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND AUTOMATION (Est. 2007) is currently in the 8th year of production. When a very dear person in our lives had been undergoing treatment for a fatal disease, we saw the panic in the family and the patient. Then we realised if some amount of knowledge was available on machines and how they worked on our bodies to cure the various ailments that would help us a lot. This gave Medical Equipment and Automation the reason to come into existence. The magazine is aiming to give you a knowhow about the machines (from microscope to scanning machines) and their applications- along with the latest trends in the medical industry.