HCG Cancer Hospital in Bangalore Hosts ‘Ride to Beat Breast Cancer’ Cyclothon for Breast Cancer Awareness

Photo text - Participants with Prema, Ranjani & Ms. Manisha

In Observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore Organized a Cyclothon with the Theme ‘Riding Towards Breast Cancer Prevention’ on October 26, 2023, with the Goal of Raising Awareness and Education About Breast Cancer Among Women.” Renowned Sandalwood actresses Neravanda Chetticha Prema and Ranjani Raghavan were among the distinguished guests at the event. Ms. Manisha Kumar, Regional Business Head for Karnataka, Dr. Mahesh Bandimegal, Senior Surgical Oncologist, and Dr. Krithika Murugan, Surgical Oncologist, all of HCG Cancer Hospital, Bangalore, inaugurated the Cyclothon. The Guest Speakers acknowledged notable participants.

The event exemplified a robust demonstration of community involvement, with participants joining forces in support of breast cancer awareness and advocating for the significance of timely detection.

Ms. Manisha Kumar, Regional Business Head for Karnataka, commented on the event, saying, “Breast cancer remains a significant public health concern. At HCG, our dedication goes beyond identification and treatment of the disease, reflecting our belief in a more comprehensive care. This is facilitated by increased awareness ensuring early-stage medical intervention. The cyclothon was organized with the purpose of inspiring women to remain cautious about early signs of breast cancer and to promptly seek screening. We wholeheartedly stand by the belief that, together, through increased awareness and proactive measures, we can have a profound impact on the lives of those battling breast cancer.”

Dr. Mahesh Bandimegal, Senior Surgical Oncologist, HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore stated, ““We are delighted to witness such an enthusiastic participation in the cyclothon. This robust turnout by participants underscores the increasing awareness and proactive approach of individuals towards breast cancer and preventive care. It is heartening to see people come together in support of this crucial cause. Such collective efforts play a vital role in shaping a future where early detection and effective prevention are at the forefront of our battle against breast cancer.”

Dr. Krithika Murugan, Surgical Oncologist, HCG Cancer Hospital, Bangalore commented, “Breast cancer is not only limited to older women, off late it is predominantly seen in the younger population as well. Screening and early diagnosis of cancer is the need of the hour, initiatives like the cyclothon not only bring attention to the severity of the issue but also underscore the pivotal role played by HCG Cancer Hospital Bangalore in early detection, preventive care, and support. We are committed to empowering individuals with the information and resources needed to confront breast cancer. Through such proactive measures, we strive to lead society toward a future free from the clutches of breast cancer.”

The event commenced at 6 am from St. Joseph’s Ground, Bangalore, with over 400 enthusiastic cyclists. It promoted early breast cancer detection, awarding exemplary participants with screening vouchers and fostering community health awareness.

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