Micro-Tech Endoscopy launches Napoleon Endoscopic Measuring Device

Napoleon Endoscopic Measuring Device

Micro-Tech Endoscopy recently launched the Napoleon Endoscopic Measuring Device. Napoleon Endoscopic is a ruler marking every millimetre for precise measurements and is available in 15mm and 30mm.

Estimating the size of a polyp can have a significant impact on the recommended treatment and follow-up. Many physicians, especially those still in training, may overestimate or underestimate polyp size from endoscopic visualization alone. The Napoleon Endoscopic Measuring Device is a tiny ruler designed to sit next to a lesion in endoscopic view allowing accurate gauging of size.

Dr. Mark Pochapin MD, NYU Langone Health said: “The idea for the Napoleon came from the realization that there is no way to accurately measure polyp size during colonoscopy, and surveillance guidelines are based on polyp size and number. Using Napoleon may help us improve our ability to estimate polyp size and more accurately recommend post-polypectomy surveillance intervals.” 

Chris Li, President USA, Micro-Tech stated: “The Napoleon device is the first of its kind to allow an accurate measurement of various features under endoscopic imaging. It takes away the guesswork and allows the physician to feel more comfortable with polyp size assessment and surveillance interval recommendations, especially during training.”