Navy develops low-cost temperature sensor to fight COVID-19

Indian Navy’s Naval Dockyard in Mumbai has designed and developed its own handheld microcontroller based portable non-contact thermometer for screening of personnel. The temperature Gun has been manufactured in-house at a cost of less than Rs. 1000/- and the production can be scaled up, the Navy said.

The handheld sensor gun to screen personnel at the entry gates of the yard is expected to reduce the load on security guards at the gate of the Naval dockyard.

According to Indian Navy, this innovative tool has enabled screening body temperature of approximately 20,000 personnel on a daily basis at the entry gates of the Dockyard, thus assisting in preventing the spread of COVID-19 into the Dockyard and the Western Fleet. The low-cost ‘Temperature Gun’, designed by Naval Dockyard (Mumbai), has an IR based temperature sensor with an accuracy of 0.02 deg Celsius, the Navy claims.

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