Neoss ProActive Edge enables stability in challenging clinical cases

At an upcoming webinar, Dr. Lars Sennerby reviews his simplified protocols using Neoss ProActive Edge Implants designed to ensure predictable stability in challenging clinical cases. In the recently published data, Neoss demonstrate stability with 1-2 drills, and this data includes soft or compromised bone.

Mark Neri, President, Neoss, said: “As a company, our customers rely on our high-quality products that are not complicated but simple to use and adopt in their practices where they see consistent results and success for their patients. Our customers’ patients are our patients, and we follow their workflow from early planning to case acceptance and through the implant maintenance phase. In recent studies, Neoss ProActive Edge implants have achieved equal or better implant stability than other implant brands when tested in a soft bone model. We are very thankful to our customers and key opinion leaders who have contributed their support of our Neoss ProActive system and welcome our colleagues to attend our next webinar on April 21st with Prof. Lars Sennerby.”

Dr. John Hodges said: “The things I really love with the Neoss ProActive Edge Implant are the primary stability, and you can use fewer drills. The primary stability also makes it fantastic for my 4+ full arch cases. It’s really my go-to implant for that.”

Data from a recent EA,O study shows that Neoss ProActive Edge was the only implant that maintained outstanding implant stability in all situations, even with over-prepared osteotomies, making it highly predictable to use.

The predictability of the Neoss ProActive Edge implant has been further confirmed in a clinical use study. High primary stability was achieved for all implants, allowing for immediate or early load in support of single crowns, partial bridges as well as full arch restorations. All implants remained in function during the entire one-year observation period with minimal (-0.5 mm) bone remodelling. Similar to all Neoss implants, Neoss ProActive Edge features the clinically proven super hydrophilic ProActive surface and the highly trusted NeoLoc connection. One prosthetic platform across 3 implant ranges with one screwdriver connection.

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