We are edging out pandemic dusk that descended upon us. Surely, there has been a substantial decline in rising active caseloads, but there is an impending need to maintain watch, containment and caution, to prevent further escalation of coronavirus or its mutant variants, entering environment.

Healthcare sector is emerging as a warrior to deal with the alarming situation; either treating patients or producing and innoculating vaccines to combat virus. In addition to doctors and nurses, credit also goes to pharma Industry and medical devices manufacturers, who equally contributed to help in fighting it.

Pandemic positive impact on the market, spurred growth of medical devices, like medical plastic, 3D medical implants, latest surgical procedures and equipment technologies. Emerging trends in the healthcare indicate, virtual care facilities are taking up dominant positions. New AIIMS and medical colleges are being added, facilitating closer reach to patients for care and support.

Yes, encouraging self reliance amid Covid times, is a welcome step. Atmanirbharta is a buzzing fact now, among medical equipment manufacturers. Innovating technology to kill virus, creating deep freezers to meet upto -800C temperature range; efficacy in preserving indigenously developed vaccines and other pharma goods, are visibly leading a change.

We are still vulnerable, experiencing rise in incidences of contagious diseases. The increase in overall initiatives and vaccination, to prevent spread of infections, are all aimed to protect people. I take specific care of staff safety and hygiene in our publishing house. As you all know, we have been with you all the while, attending webinars, keeping you engaged with our social media, providing latest news. All-in-all, spur in demand for medical protective equipment, is ensuring safety from virus transmitting infections.

Hard times undergone have made humanity highly aware of the preparedness of healthcare systems. Persisting to ensure a safer working environment under new conditions, in a world, where covid is a reality, a healthy slice is – businesses are returning to work under new normal conditions.

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Pravita Iyer

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