Platinum CCTV integrates Thermal IP Cameras for alerts

The thermal integration with AVM software detect high skin temperature than usual body temperature.

Photo by Molicris on pixabay

Platinum CCTV integrated their thermal IP cameras into their AVM (Advanced Video Management) VMS platform to allow customers to receive immediate alerts via text, email and popup video on their PCs when persons enter into their facility with higher than normal skin temperatures. This new alerting system allows users to receive alerts critical to the triage process when employees or customers are entering as well as searching quickly to find all over-temp alerts or persons scanned.

This AVM software is designed to work with the popular PT-BF5421-T Thermal/Visible Hybrid IP Security Camera which provides skin temperature readings accurate to plus/minus 0.3 degrees Celsius, while alerting staff to institute facility protocols when needed for additional screening.

Michael Dunteman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Platinum CCTV said: “We are really excited to announce our new thermal integration with our AVM software. It is just the next logical step for building security and pre-screening during the global pandemic.” He added: “Managers need immediate alerts, even if they are in a different part of the building to know there is a situation which they need to address. Our AVM software suite has been doing this for years using A.I. events on cameras for intrusion, however this new integration with thermal cameras now allows managers to receive alerts when individuals are attempting to enter the facility with higher than normal skin temperatures with an image of their face and detected temperature reading. This enables the manager to isolate these individuals from the rest of the individuals entering the facility, and further screen to determine if they have elevated body temperatures or fever. These alerts can be configured for text, video popups, email messages or text messages with pictures. We have always believed that your security cameras should work for you, not the other way around. Our latest thermal camera integration follows this same path.”

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