Monday, January 18, 2021
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Prosthetic Innovations 2018

Prosthetic is all about creating limbs for the limbless. Here’s a summary of the game-changing breakthroughs in the field of prosthetic.

Solar-powered skin for prosthetic limbs

Engineers from the University of Glasgow, who have previously developed an ‘electronic skin’ covering for prosthetic hands made from graphene, have found a way to use some of graphene’s remarkable physical properties to use energy from the sun to power the skin.

Low-cost prosthetic foot that can be tailored to an individual

MIT engineers have developed a simple, low-cost, passive prosthetic foot that can be tuned to an individual’s body weight and size.
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TGI welcomes Ministry of Health Guidance on essential health services during pandemic

TGI welcomes Ministry of Health Guidance on essential health services during COVID-19 pandemic

The policy note was prepared by The George Institute India researchers based on the global evidence from recent pandemics to understand issues and challenges for during COVID-19 and provided to NHRSC on 23rd March 2020.