Pylo launches 4G remote blood pressure monitor device

Pylo Health launched Pylo 802-LTE, a cellular blood pressure monitor designed for patients undergoing remote physiological monitoring (RPM) and is developed of the FDA-cleared and is FCC-certified.

The Pylo 802-LTE is the simplest, most secure way for patients to manage their blood pressure from home. Designed specifically for RPM, it is a highly efficient and cost-effective device for physician practices. The 802-LTE comes fully pre-configured and requires users to press only a single button to use the device. It quickly captures and transmits accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurements via encrypted 4G wireless sync to the intuitive Pylo application programming interface (API). The Pylo API then automatically routes the blood pressure measurement data in real-time to a user’s doctor, caregiver, family member, or other healthcare organization.

Daniel Tashnek, Founder, Pylo and Prevounce Health, said: “Many patients who need to monitor their blood pressure are not tech-savvy. The configuration and additional steps required for the setup and usage of Bluetooth or WiFi monitors represent significant hurdles for those who typically require hypertension management in the first place. The Pylo 802-LTE eliminates these barriers and, more importantly, helps bring the benefits of remote patient monitoring to our most vulnerable populations. Since the 802-LTE was designed specifically for clinical RPM, it has all the privacy and security features expected by patients and providers.”

Tashnek added: “Research has shown that remote cardiac monitoring can greatly reduce patient blood pressure compared to typical care and self-monitoring alone. With ongoing remote monitoring of hypertension via the Pylo 802-LTE, healthcare providers can make more timely recommendations that better support heart-healthy living for their patients.”

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