Rare bilateral surgery performed in single session

Recognised for delivering exceptional patient care, Vimhans Nayati Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi recently announced a rare bilateral total knee replacement surgery performed in a single session on a 65-year-old lady from Baghdad, Iraq. Zainab Salen Mohammed Hasan – a morbidly-obese lady with a BMI of 44.5, weighing 100 kg – had difficulty in walking, eventually suffering severe back pain. She was diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis (Stage 4), wherein patients experience pain and discomfort in moving their joints, preventing or hampering daily activities.

Speaking about her life-changing experience, Zainab said, “I consulted many doctors in seeking relief from pain. Finally, after consulting Dr. Rajeev Sharma at Vimhans Nayati Super Specialty Hospital, I consented to Bilateral Total Knee Replacement. I am extremely grateful to Vimhans Nayati for putting me back on my feet so quickly through its first-class treatment. Now, I perform daily activities without pain and I’m leading a normal, healthy life.”

Being overweight or obese is a risk factor for progression of knee osteoarthritis. Since Zainab was in the Class 3 (high-risk) obese category, her obesity made it a rare case. With each BMI unit increase, the chances of rapid cartilage loss rise by 11 per cent. Moreover, she had comorbid symptoms such as diabetes and hypertension. As the high BMI makes the procedure strenuous for anaesthesia and surgery, it is done in multiple sessions.

Commenting on the demanding single-session surgery, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Chairman – Institute of Orthopedics, Sports Medicine & Arthroplasty at Vimhans Nayati Super Specialty, said, “Due to the bad deformity of both knee joints, joint laxity and weak bones, Zainab was suffering painful knees for the past 15-20 years. In the past, we have observed that osteoarthritis worsens if rising obesity, past injuries and lack of muscle strength are not addressed. The alignment of limbs and quality of cartilage also affect the knee joints.”

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