Sani + Smart team approach White House administration to eliminate tariffs on hand sanitizers

An increase of hand sanitizers and face masks for protecting people from the virus due to the outbreak of Covid-19 necessitated more demand. But due to excessive demand and less available supply, hand sanitizers companies from other industries also had to step in to fill the void and followed a guideline from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in order to fulfil the tremendous amount of requests. Alcohol distilleries, perfumeries, colour cosmetic brands, and contract manufacturers are now producing sanitizing products but they were costly.

When the pandemic hit, the team at Ultra Defense answered the call and immediately went to work formulating top-of-the-line sanitizing solutions. During August, Ultra defence Sani + Smart team reached out to the White House administration to ultimately eliminate the tariffs on hand sanitizers, which is causing significant price increases within the industry. As late as the last week of June 2020, Geoff Cooper, the CEO of the Renewable Fuel Association says that domestic production will not relieve the shortage for hand sanitizer as the need for hand sanitizer has grown with states experiencing resurgences. Giving a waiver to these products will ensure a robust supply chain with no shortages.

Ultra-Défense Sani + Smart is a complete line of sanitizing solutions that feature best in class formulas to kill 99.9% of germs in 15 seconds, and leave hands feeling soft. All Ultra defence Sani + Smart products are produced in OTC audited and approved factories in China, and all formulas are registered with the NDC/FDA website. The active ingredient is a plant-based alcohol: non-toxic and highly effective in killing germs. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is indispensable to the United States’ efforts to slow the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

The team urged US Trade Representatives to exclude hand sanitizers from the current tariffs in place.

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