StimaWELL North America Inc. enters the US market

StimaWELL North America Inc. enters the USA market with its award-winning, FDA approved StimaWELL. SitmaWELL is 120MTRS Class II medical device, a wave E stim therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve, muscle stimulator (EMS) for rapid and effective back and neck pain relief. The company is proud to play a leading role in helping to relieve the suffering of millions affected by the chronic problem of neck and back pain.

The StimaWELL 120MTRS generates an electrical wave pulse in the modulated, medium frequency range (MMF) of 2kHz-6kHz, and administers a dynamic, wavelike stimulation via 12 sequentially operating electrodes that can be customized. It enables you to target any muscle in the back for reinforcement or pain relief. When combined with the unit’s 104°F heat therapy feature, the unique MMF offers comfortable and effective muscle recruitment, increased blood flow, reinforcement of posture muscles and effective relief of neck, back and shoulder pain.

Jason Frohlich, President, StimaWELL North America Inc., said: “I am excited to share this wonderful technology with the US market. I truly feel this is a game-changer for neck + pain relief and will help individuals and athletes recover faster and take their game to the next level.”

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