Surgical Product Innovations

As it is a known fact that surgical innovations are fundamental to surgical progress. Here, we feature few of the astonishing and marvelous surgical product innovations which shall certainly be of great help to the surgeons.

ZEISS TIVATO 700: Transforming possibilities into realities

Tivato-700 – a new advanced visualization system

Tivato-700 is a new visualization system launched by Zeiss for the spine community. Tivato 700 gives the spinal surgeons access to cutting-edge technologies. It includes workflow-enhancing visualization and offers the alternative for fluorescence for determining vessel latency. It further utilizes 4K technology so that the surgeons can easily visualize procedures in high-quality resolution.

The Zeiss Tivato 700 also meets the reach and flexibility requirements required for different operating room situations. It offers the spine surgeons and OR staff the freedom of positioning, including endoscopic and heads-up surgery, particularly when they are using long instruments.

Tivato 700 is all digital which means there is a seamless entry into connected visualization systems. It includes an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface and can be incorporated into a hospital’s existing IT infrastructure. It can further be easily managed through the Zeiss Connect app.

PICO 7Y – Portable single-use negative pressure wound therapy system

Smith & Nephew launched the new PICO 7Y single-use negative pressure wound therapy system (sNPWT) with AIRLOCK technology, in Europe. This is the first sNPWT system to include an innovatively integrated Y extension enabling the utilization of two dressings concurrently from one pump, allowing two wounds to be addressed at the same time, thereby potentially reducing the cost.

PICO 7Y sNPWT consists of extended soft port and multisite dressings, designed to conform to complex anatomies. It is especially suitable for use on multiple wounds, such as breast surgical procedures. PICO 7Y also consists of a check dressing indicator, which is used to decrease unnecessary dressing changes and wastage.

PICO has considerably reduced wound complications following breast reduction surgery as compared with standard dressings. There is a growing body of literature supporting PICO as a valuable prophylactic treatment option for surgical site infections. PICO 7Y has revolutionized the use of negative pressure wound therapy by making a treatment, previously predominantly used in a hospital inpatient setting, available to a wider range of outpatients in a cost-effective, portable solution.

Infinity Occipitocervical-Upper Thoracic (OCT) Spinal system

Medtronic has announced the U.S. launch of the Infinity Occipitocervical-Upper Thoracic (OCT) System which is intended to simplify posterior cervical spine surgery. The Infinity OCT System is a complete procedural solution that incorporates navigation and biologics with Medtronic’s comprehensive devices and instrumentation to generate efficiency in fusion procedure workflows for the upper back and neck.

The Infinity OCT System is used to immobilize and stabilize the spine while it fuses. The system includes numerous innovative components – including a multi-axial screw with 60 degrees of angulation in any direction, a set screw (locking cap) with a quick-start thread to reduce cross threading, and 3.0mm and 5.5mm diameter screws for expanded patient demographics and clinical applications.

The system has an entire spectrum of implant materials and sizes and when it is paired with the O-arm™ Imaging System and StealthStation™ Navigation System; it provides a fullyenabled procedural solution intended to bring effectiveness and simplicity to even the most intricate posterior cervical procedures.

The Infinity OCT System is indicated for few conditions such as degenerative disc disease, instability or deformity, tumors, and traumatic spinal fractures or traumatic dislocations.

AXIOS Stent and Electrocautery Enhanced Delivery System

The AXIOS Stent and Electrocautery Enhanced Delivery System enable therapeutic endoscopists to access a symptomatic pancreatic pseudocyst and walled-off necrosis via a transgastric or transduodenal approach and place the AXIOS Stent. The system uses a cautery-enhanced access and delivery catheter which is advanced through the tissue creating a translumenal conduit between the stomach or duodenal wall and the pancreatic pseudocyst where the pre-loaded stent is installed to provide drainage.

The Axios catheter is energized and deployed through tissue walls and into target structures under EUS guidance. The catheter sheath is retracted which allows the stent to be deployed. Then, the delivery system is withdrawn. The AXIOS Stent and Electrocautery Enhanced Delivery System offer a simpler and quicker treatment option for patients.

SureFlex Steerable Guiding Sheath

Baylis Medical Company, a leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of cardiology devices has launched SureFlex Steerable Guiding Sheath. The SureFlex sheath features an advanced sheath-to-dilator design for controlled crossing of the septum, intuitive and high-precision steering, and reliable performance through superior curve retention and consistent sheath tip contact force.

Steerable sheaths make easy the access in complex anatomies and hard-to-reach areas in the left side of the heart. They are helpful with improving contact and subsequent outcomes in procedures such as atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia ablations.

The SureFlex sheath has good maneuverability and control. If a steerable sheath’s contact force and tip range of motion is not maintained during a procedure, it may result in clinical failure and necessitate additional revision procedures for the patient.

ClearFit Implant

The ClearFit implant by Longeviti Neuro Solutions is a solution to correct and/or restore bony voids or defects of the cranium. This implant facilitates the neurosurgeons to see neuroanatomy and critical functional components beneath the ClearFit once it is implanted.  The real advantage of this system is the ability to see what is underneath the cranioplasty.

ClearFit Implant is made of polymethylmethacrylate, a b i o c o m p a t i b l e material with over 40 years of proven clinical performance. ClearFit implant is made available in three varying designs:

• Standard ClearFit.
• Complex ClearFit.
• Single-Stage ClearFit.

Neurosurgeons can order a ClearFit by uploading a CT scan to Longeviti’s Secure File Exchange where a customizable design is proposed to the neurosurgeon and finalized. With a proprietary process consisting of 3D-printing, CT scans conversion to CAD/CAM, and an expert design team, Longeviti is able to deliver a personalized implant for the patient.