TeqMed Scientific launches NESTGUARD

NESTGUARD is free from hazardous chemicals, safe, effective and economical, and is designed and developed in India making every Indian Atmanirbhar.

Owing to the increasing number of coronavirus cases, TeqMed Scientific has introduced NESTGUARD, a novel disinfectant solution generator that uses only water and salt in creating a total non-hazardous-chemical disinfectant solution. NESTGUARD is 100% designed and developed in India making every Indian truly Atmanirbhar. 

Manjeet Singh Ozla, Founder, NESTGUARD said: “Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people are anxious about not only stepping out of their homes but also bringing infections from outside as well, particularly unwanted germs that may cause the feared disease. Considering the mid-term and long term side effects of a plethora of disinfectants flooding the markets, one needs to be careful as many observe skin flaking, while other effects may take time to appear such as skin or lung cancer. The long-term use of disinfectant should be least toxic, natural, easily available, environment and pocket friendly. These objectives drove us to select the right technology and development of NESTGUARD. Similar technology has also been approved by INMAS DRDO GoI as an effective solution against SARS CoV-2 as it inactivates COVID-19 instantly.”

Users can diligently use NESTGUARD for a wide range of applications covering infant and baby care products, feeding bottles, toys etc. It also safeguards the kitchen, helping in safe washing of veggies, fruits or even meat products. It also helps in killing surface microbes at home or workstations. It can be used for cleaning of dentures, toothbrushes & other personal hygiene products in tandem with kitchen appliances and other gadgets as well. 

Naveen Khanna, Founder, NESTGUARD said: “Maintaining a hygienic environment around us has always been a challenge in our country and the impact of COVID has taught us that keeping our surroundings sanitised is very important to keep this disease away. NESTGUARD is one such device that needs only salt and water to form a chemical-free disinfectant that we can apply anywhere in our house and even to our items like a toothbrush for instance. We are happy that through NESTGUARD, we are not only helping individuals and families but also nature by supplying something free from hazardous chemicals.”

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