The Association of Indian Device Industry and Wadhwani Foundation collaborate to help MSMEs

An emerged Partnership between AiMeD and Wadhwani Foundation to support Growth of MSMEs in MedTech Sector.

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Recently, the Association of Indian Device Industry partnered with Wadhwani Foundation to help MSMEs in their challenges faced at these critical Covid-19 pandemic times to create an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. Covid-19 blow has been felt harder by MSMEs in India. There were problems like shrinking demand and supply chain, disruption of cash, employment issue etc.

Currently, Wadhwani Advantage Program main focus is MedTech sector to support MSMEs and act as a catalyst for exponential growth, in return for gaining job creation. The partnership will enable MSME Members to survive and grow amidst the current crisis through Sahayata Program. AiMeD and Wadhwani Foundation will select around 200 of its Progressive MSME partners to engage through this outcome-oriented program. MSMEs will receive personalized, actionable content and access to consultants and advisors for further guidance on finding solutions to MSME’s key business challenges.

The Sahayata Program aims to provide a growth path for small businesses by addressing their strategic, operational and talent needs. Its main objectives are to ignite the growth of MSMEs in MedTech sector; inculcate strategic and technological excellence among MSMEs, help build sustainable ecosystem as an identified growth driver under AtmaNirbhar Program and both soft and hard infrastructure to accelerate and sustain growth.

Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, AiMeD remarked many medical devices did see a spike in demand and few products saw a slump in demand as patients stayed away from hospitals. Samir Sathe, EVP, Wadhwani Advantage added, the medical devices industry is in transition. Under our Sahayata initiative, we intend to act as catalysts for growth in the medical devices sector. The partnership came in at a time when the MSMEs are facing problem due to the pandemic caused by the Covid19 virus is likely to have a huge positive impact in further strengthening the Indian MSME sector & boosting the ‘Make in India’ program.

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