The Nocca Robotics launches Noccarc H210 to treat COVID-19 patients

The Noccarc H210 provides oxygen-rich air to patients via a nasal cannula allowing the person to breathe freely.


The Nocca Robotics Pvt Ltd has launched a High-Flow Oxygen Therapy Device. The cutting-edge device proves to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, user friendly and also comfortable to use. High-Flow Oxygen Therapy drastically reduces the chances of intubation.

The Noccarc H210 meets the need for high flow oxygen therapy devices owing to the current pandemic and the rising cases of COVID-19 patients. The HFOT (High-Flow Oxygen Therapy Device) provides humidified oxygen-rich air to the patients through a nasal cannula, thus increasing the oxygen level supplied to the blood. It also provides easy oral suctioning and expectoration. The heated and humidified gas also enhances epithelial mucociliary, lowering the risk of respiratory complications such as pneumonia and delirium.

Incorporating high-end technology, the Noccarc H210 has a 4.3-inch touch screen interface for easy accessibility, electronic FiO2 control with inputs for high- and low-pressure oxygen, and a turbine-based flow generator. The product is also equipped with an integrated heater and dual temperature sensors. This versatile solution allows healthcare professionals to use it on both children and adults with a variable flow rate. The Noccarc H210 comes with various alarms to alert healthcare professionals in case of tube blockage/disconnection, unplugged temperature sensor, unplugged heater wire, or even in the case of very high or very low supply of oxygen to the patient.

Nikhil Kurele, CEO, Nocca Robotics said: “High-Flow Oxygen Therapy comes with a plethora of benefits such as improving oxygenation, decreasing intubation rates, and a lowered homophobic feeling, allowing the person to breathe freely. Built to reduce the metabolic cost of breathing, the Noccarc H210 offers maximum comfort to patients with acute and chronic breathing problems. Currently, there is an increased demand in the market for HFNC equipment with the COVID-19 tally rising each day. The Noccarc H210’s integrated servo humidifier is the key part of the device as it ensures air delivery at optimum temperature and humidity level, making H210 more advanced in terms of functionality and benefits as compared to a regular high-flow oxygen therapy device.”