UNITE REFLEX Nitinol Staple System enhances surgical

staple system
UNITE REFLEX Nitinol Staple System

Medline unveils FDA 510(k) approved UNITE REFLEX Nitinol Staple System (REFLEX) to enhances surgical efficiencies by helping improved impact strength.

Traditional staple designs used in foot and ankle surgeries loaded onto an insertion tool to keep the staple’s legs parallel, but this often becomes challenging if the bones shift just slightly. The REFLEX system improves designs and features an adjustable inserter that allows the surgeon to expand and contract the implant’s legs for easy insertion. The staples are designed with a slightly curved bridge to provide more even compression across the fusion site.

Scott Goldstein, Director of marketing UNITE Foot & Ankle, Medline, said: “The Medline UNITE Foot & Ankle team is laser-focused on developing specialty implant systems that enhance surgical techniques and improve patient outcomes. To help us create the new REFLEX Staple System, we leveraged expertise from several fellowship-trained foot & ankle surgeons. The ACFAS annual scientific conference is an opportunity to interact with leading experts in the field and gain key insights that will allow us to continue developing innovations that address their unmet needs.”

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