U.S. Medical Equipment Consultants, Inc. has been leading the well-being of medical provider and researcher facilities’ equipment, with comprehensive equipment maintenance solutions these uptime-sensitive environments depend on. Their programs provide protection, cost containment, equipment performance reporting, and analytics, tailored to fit each customer’s unique needs.


USMEDIC needed a central point of equipment service status information visibility for their customers.

The reporting of equipment location, service and preventative maintenance schedules, loss run, check run, and repair history was often manually shared with customers via email. The company found this to be a time-consuming, costly task proving ineffective in processing the extensive amount of service data on the thousands of pieces of equipment, they maintained for their high-volume customers.

Company realized the requirement of a customer portal allowing ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) access to product knowledge assets and on-demand reports negated efficiencies. This competitive disadvantage became evident, as portal access was a service feature their customers had expected from their vendor partners.

Solution: Mize’s customer portal

USMEDIC cut equipment service cost with Mize’s customer portal, white-label branded as the Asset Intelligence Portal.

It proved to be a scalable solution, that can provide customers with on-demand insights and information they need to visualize and understand their equipment maintenance service program. This offering will help USMEDIC position itself as a forward-thinking leader in medical equipment maintenance.

The Mize-powered Asset Intelligence Portal provided USMEDIC’s customers with information they need, to measure potential equipment downtime, claim amounts, the total cost of ownership, and equipment service schedules. The Mize Customer Portal, combined with Analytics, enables the ability to see key reporting insights at the account or a facility level. On-demand data is available in both static and dynamic reports, charts, and tables, giving customers the flexibility to view and act on their data, leveraging its value to them.

USMEDIC benefits included the following.

-Significant reduction in administrative resource time and cost;
-Customer self-serve ability to manage their Service accounts;
-Report access – DIY convenience and criteria flexibility;
-Functional foundation in place to continue to add features for customers, fulfilling future opportunities;
-Enhanced customer relationships and loyalty with the Portal’s User Experience.

The Mize vision is to be the leader in Service Lifecycle Management by delivering amazing experiences and value at every customer touch-point in a connected world.

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