Vesat Solar Delivers Reliable End-To-End Solutions to Hospitals

Vesat Solar Energy Systems is promoted by passionate technocrats with cutting edge technology in solar energy, that cover domestic and industrial electricity needs, water heating systems and tailor-made turnkey projects. Vesat Solar Energy is ISO 9001:2008 certified company and are in the business of harnessing the solar energy for various applications for the past three decades, with clientele across the verticals of Industries, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, SMEs and other major establishments. Solar Power Plant and Solar Water Heating System are suitable for Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

Vesat Solar Ongrid Power Plant mounted on the roof top generates electricity in the day. Solar power produced will be used directly for the needs. In case the load is more, then shortage will be drawn from EB. When load is less and polar power is more, the excess will be exported to TNEB through the EB meter. The electricity import from TNEB meter during the night and rainy day will be metered and charged as usual. Investment on the Ongrid Solar power plant is repaid by saving of electricity in four years’ time. Hospital can also claim accelerated depreciation up to 40 per cent on the first year itself. Solar panels are warranted for 25 years and the Solar inverters for 20 years. Loans are available from Nationalised banks and NBFCs and can be repaid in monthly instalments up to five years.

Vesat Solar water heating system can be used to fulfil all the hot water needs especially for bathing requirement upto 70C. Also, laundry and boiler feed applications in the hospital canteens, hot water upto 90C can be provided through solar water heaters. This saves huge electricity/ diesel/ LPG cost and the investment on solar water heater will be repaid by saving of the fuel cost in less than two years. Life expectancy of the solar water heater is more than 25 years.

The company is sure as a progressive patient care establishment and growing industry, hospitals will consider this as an opportunity to partake in the nation building exercise by switching over to solar power for all the needs, thereby saving the mother earth from further deterioration.

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