WYZ Medical Supplies to produce 1000 masks per minute

WYZ Medical Supplies LLC to produce approximately 1000 masks per minute, reducing US dependence on imported PPE production of high-quality and affordable masks.

Photo by jardin on pixabay

Texas-based WYZ Medical Supplies announced the launch of the fastest mask manufacturing production lines, intending to reduce United States dependence on imported masks for both medical and non-medical usage. Texas, WYZ Medical Supplies’ have unique manufacturing, design capabilities and effective supply chain management. The company can produce up to 1000 masks per minute.

By combining world-class production with innovative supply chain capabilities, WYZ Medical Supplies believes it is positioned to meet US demand for masks with outstanding products that are price competitive across the globe. The masks utilize “meltblown” fabric – a process typically used in medical and surgical masks – providing outstanding filtration and breathability.

Dean Kline, a spokesperson for WYZ Medical Supplies said: “There is a tremendous need for access to high-quality, affordable masks in Texas and around the US. We are committed to providing safe, comfortable, affordable masks for individuals, schools, universities, companies and government agencies. Our breakthrough manufacturing processes and effective supply chain management position us to achieve this important goal while offering extremely aggressive pricing.”

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