ARTIS icono biplane

ARTIS icono biplane is the ideal solution for a wide range of disciplines and procedures. Neuro procedures – and particularly stroke treatment – benefit from revolutionised cone beam CT image quality with syngo DynaCT Sine Spin and syngo DynaCT Multiphase depicting 8 perfusion phases. Lateral Plane Switch enables multidisciplinary usage between cardiologists and radiologists without compromises. With full body (165 cm) lateral plane coverage, there’s no need to compromise during abdominal procedures either. The system is particularly suited for neuroradiology procedures, such as removing stroke-causing blood clots, thanks to improved 2D and 3D imaging that can also lower the amount of radiation delivered to the patient.

Moreover, quick switching between the 2D and volumetric modes can help to track procedural progression with greater ease. Because the imaging C-arm can now move quickly and in new ways, the company claims that “the areas of the cranial base and skull cap can now be represented with practically no artifacts in a 3D visualisation”. The system is expected to be made available in Europe later this year. It is not yet for sale in the United States and there’s no word on when that may happen.

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