Vilex merger acquires the Hintermann Series System Total Ankle Prostheses

Hintermann Series System Total Anklet Prostheses helps evaluate the needs of a patient to determine if a mobile-bearing or semi-constrained TAR works best with their anatomy.

Image by Taokinesis on Pixabay

Vilex, LLC, a member of the Squadron Capital family of businesses, announced completing the acquisition of DT MedTech, LLC, whose product lines include the Hintermann Series System Total Ankle Replacement (TAR), developed by prominent surgeon, Professor Beat Hintermann. This exceptional TAR system includes the Hintermann Series H3 (H3) 3-piece, mobile-bearing TAR prosthesis – time-tested globally for over 20 years with consistent, successful results and the Hintermann Series H2 (H2) 2-piece, semi-constrained TAR prosthesis. The H2 is US FDA cleared and the H3 is US FDA approved for the US market and are sold globally in over 30 countries.

DT MedTech, LLC will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vilex and will continue to manufacture all of its products under the DT MedTech Quality System and market its products outside the US through its existing distribution network.

Dustin Leavitt, Chief Executive Officer, Vilex stated: “The merging of our widely recognized Vilex product line in the US with the globally-renowned, clinically-proven, Hintermann Series product portfolio, positions Vilex as a global leader in providing lower extremity surgical solutions. The combined commercial channel now includes more than 50 distributors in the US and over 25 distribution partners outside the US, comprising over 300 field representatives, and many long-standing institutional customers. Vilex will work closely with Professor Hintermann as we continue worldwide distribution and introduce the Hintermann Series System into our US sales channel.”

Shawn T. Huxel, previously Executive Vice President, DT MedTech appointed as Chief Operating Officer, Vilex indicated: “I am honored to join Dusty and the Vilex team as we build out our global foot and ankle offering anchored on product lines with decades of clinical success further enhanced by state of the art proprietary surgical solutions for the treatment of the lower extremity.”

Beat Hintermann, Associate Professor, University of Basel said: “I am very proud of this important milestone and look forward to enhancing patient care and outcomes in the US with the introduction of the H2 and H3. We have experienced exceptional clinical results outside of the US and look forward to now being able to provide American surgeons with the System.”

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