Beltone Rely provides premium hearing aid at an economical cost

Beltone, the nation’s leading hearing care retailer, introduces Beltone Rely, a full collection of hearing aids offering proven technology and advanced features and services normally available in premium-priced hearing devices. Beltone Rely is packed with some of the latest technology, including leading rechargeable options that deliver 30 hours of power on one charge.

Mike Halloran, President, Beltone, said: “Too many people are leaving their hearing loss untreated, having limited financial means to justify the investment. Beltone Rely is a great new option if you are just getting started with hearing aids or want to upgrade with an advanced solution at an affordable price. Now more people can get the best hearing care, which will help them stay in touch with others and participate fully in life.”

Beltone Rely allows direct streaming of calls, music, and other audio connecting to Apple and Android devices while preserving battery life using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy streaming technology. Beltone Rely has an easy-to-use phone app that further enhances the hearing experience and can connect with a range of wireless accessories for extra help in challenging listening situations or to stream sound from a TV.

With the current pandemic restrictions, the Beltone HearMax App even allows Beltone hearing care professionals to hold video consultations and make real-time adjustments via a smartphone, without the need to visit the clinic.

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