Invention to stops or delays the Progress of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Leon E. Popovitz, MD, Co-Founder, New York Bone & Joint Specialists and Top Orthopedic Surgeon in NYC, has invented a bone and joint implant device that has the potential to counteract the effects of osteoarthritis. As a result, the device would diminish the need for joint replacement surgery, saving billions of dollars in medical costs.

The invention is an anchor that increases blood circulation to soft tissue, featuring a unique network of channels designed to maximize blood flow and rejuvenate vital structures, such as the meniscus, in a degenerating knee. Thus, a patient who suffers from the beginnings of osteoarthritis of the knee may completely avoid the long and painful process of managing their deteriorating joint and eventually receive a knee replacement. Instead, their knee may become rejuvenated without the need for joint replacement surgery. Dr. Popovitz and his team have completed bench testing and cadaver intraoperative testing for this patented implant. 

Dr. Popovitz, said: “Millions of people suffer from knee osteoarthritis and millions undergo extensive joint replacement therapy. My implant serves to replenish circulation to the meniscus, which functions by protecting the knee joint from degeneration. The invention, therefore, works by preserving the knee joint itself.”

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