Liebherr Medical Fridges and Freezers

Liebherr Biomedical Fridges and Freezers are designed to EN 60068-3 for optimal temperature stability and consistency to optimise storage of temperature-sensitive biological samples and reagents, vaccines, medicines and chemicals. Fridges and freezers are purpose-built for use in: Laboratories, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Diagnostics and Healthcare facilities.

Features: The forced-air cooling system ensures temperature uniformity within each unit and fast temperature recovery after door openings.

-Its models use an innovative short hot gas defrost cycle which allows the units to defrost more often and faster without compromising integrity of stored contents.
-Visual and audible alarms for temperature breaches and integrated data memory to logs temperature and alarm events.
-Keypad lock prevents temperature and alarm setting changes without password, and a physical lock protects against unauthorised access.
-Remote monitoring and building management systems can also be added using RS 485 interface.

Global Cold Chain Solutions is an authorised dealer in Australia for Liebherr Biomedical Fridges and Freezers.

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