Mopec Introduces New 810 Autopsy Saw

The new 810 Autopsy Saw is powerful and longlasting with a powerful motor to perform autopsies and other specific dissections.

Photo by sasint on pixabay

Mopec introduced 810 Autopsy Saw that has long been considered the most powerful and durable saw available. Practitioners prefer the slender handle, which gives them precise control. It has a powerful motor that produces 17,000 rpm and 32,000 oscillations per minute.

Autopsy saws are essential equipment for the performance of autopsies and certain other dissections. Their high-speed oscillating action quickly cuts through bone without harming soft tissue, reducing exposure to infected tissue and eliminates the need for a blade guard. The saw may be used for removing the skull cap, making linear cuts or taking small bone specimens.

Jeff Pemberton, Vice President of Marketing & Consumable Products, Mopec said: “Many forensic pathologists and other autopsy professionals learned to perform autopsies using this saw, and over the years have become used to its feel and performance. We are excited to be able to offer our customers the same 810 Autopsy Saw that they thought would never be available again.”

Jay Troger, CEO, Mopec stated: “The Mopec 810 Autopsy Saw is Mopec’s newest product, but in a real sense it is not a new product at all. To our customers, this will be the same product they have been using for many years.”

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