FridgiGuard: A Refrigerator Lock by Senseon

Senseon unveils the latest access control innovation for the healthcare market in response to the evolving needs of healthcare industry due to pandemic.

FridgiGuard is an electronic locking system for refrigerators in medical and scientific environments. The system includes the FridgiGuard lock and companion software that tracks lock activity.

The FridgiGuard refrigerator lock is a self-contained unit that attaches easily to cold storage units and general-purpose refrigerators that are commonly used by hospitals and other medical facilities. Built with productivity in mind, Fridgiguard installs on refrigerator units in minutes.

Other benefits include:

-Enhanced regulatory compliance
-RFID access and Wi-fi control with Touch less operation
-No batteries needed.

Each FridgiGuard system comes with a comprehensive and subscription-free software program which enables administrators to set up user access and track activity. The FridgiGuard refrigerator lock requires no additional hardware, so it won’t conflict with digital thermostats, temperature alarms, or other monitoring equipment.

Because placement is adjustable, the unit can be installed in such a way that it avoids critical components such as compressors, internal fans, or new product attachments for your refrigerated space. The locking system helps administrator to control and log user access. Because the unit communicates wirelessly with the software, direct access to the refrigerator lock is not required to retrieve the data.

When a user interacts with FridgiGuard, the lock sends real-time access data via Wi-fi to a connected computer on the network. Administrators can use this information to monitor usage patterns, optimize workflows, and track supply use.

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