Vuzix collaborates with Rods & Cones for M-Series Smart Glasses Platform Support

Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and products, announced a strategic partnership with Rods & Cones, a provider of fully virtual surgical-collaboration platform. Rods & Cones will add the M-Series Smart Glasses as an additional, video capturing device to support optimized remote interactions between surgeons and experts.

Rods & Cones provides an end-to-end surgery proximity platform to securely connect an operation theater with remote assisting surgeons, product specialists, or medical professionals anywhere in the world to support optimal collaborative workflow. This platform, which is compliant with GDPR and HIPAA regulations, now includes both the Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses. Using the 13 MP phased detect autofocus camera providing full 4K video streaming on the Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses, the Rods & Cones platform will let frontline workers in the operating room, ICU or other medical facilities, including surgeons, instrumentalist nurses and other healthcare professionals, provide broadcast-quality imagery to others while interacting with patients and staff from a safe distance. This will allow remote platform users to triple the number of surgeries they can attend in a single day. Other use cases include learning curve management, expert escalation, onboarding training of new employees and overall service level differentiation.

Bruno Dheede, CEO and Co-Founder, Rods & Cones, said: “We are excited to work with Vuzix to enhance our growing surgical and healthcare service across Europe and the United States with powerful Smart Glasses.”

Paul Travers, President and CEO, Vuzix, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Rods & Cones as a Vuzix Smart Glasses platform partner that will now support their network of healthcare professionals to deliver surgical and medical services through the use of Vuzix Smart Glasses.”

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