Wireless devices for real-time medical diagnoses

Development of wireless devices to diagnose patients remotely limiting the distance between patients and medical workers.

Photo by StockSnap on pixabay

With over 5 million people confirmed to be infected with the virus in the United States alone, the pandemic has made it vital for hospitals to diagnose patients early and monitor their health in real-time, limiting contact between patients and medical workers.

According to ABI Research, several wearables, platform, and healthcare companies are working together on different projects that use healthcare wearable devices, smartwatches, or activity trackers to aid with tracking the progress of the virus or monitoring the vital statistics of potential sufferers.

Tomsett, Wearables Analyst, ABI Research explained: “The wearable trials and deployments that record vitals and monitor symptoms alert medical professionals if a patient’s condition worsens. This becomes particularly important when the number of hospital beds is limited and so many patients are being sent home, ensuring that the seriously ill are cared for in a hospital while the less ill are still monitored when at home.”