ViruShield Defender and ViruShield Guardian to improve respiration

ViruShield launches ViruShield Defender and ViruShield Guardian to enhance comfort level for long-term users of flat masks and respirators.

ViruShield Inc announces the release of two of its proprietary Personal Protective Enhancement products. The ViruShield Defender and The ViruShield Guardian, crafted to improve comfort and increase a higher protective seal for N95 style respirators and flat masks for a safer global community.

ViruShield Defender is a patent-pending face mask seal designed to be used with most fabric flat masks. The seal works to enhance safety by creating an improved perimeter seal between the user’s mask and face, thereby reducing the propensity for air gaps which airborne particles can travel through. The ViruShield Defender is considered the “gold standard” in mask accessories. In addition to enhanced safety, the ViruShield Defender provides a more comfortable fit and reduces fogging for those wearing glasses and goggles.

The ViruShield Guardian is a patent-pending mask accessory for use with the popular N95 style respirator used by doctors, other first responders and the general public. The product’s design is crafted to enhance comfort and protection by enabling a better, more efficient seal to be created between the perimeter of the respirator and face. The ViruShield Guardian is specifically engineered to fit and protect most adult face shapes against the damage that can occur from the prolonged use of N95 style respirators.

Carl Savoia, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ViruShield said: “Our team of dedicated engineers, designers and technicians have worked around the clock to create products that enhance the face mask wearing experience and are vital during these times of health care crises. I believe that the Defender and Guardian will transform the PPE sector by making their underlying masks and respirators more comfortable to wear for hours at a time while enhancing their overall efficacy.”

News Source: PR newswire