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CUREXO’s spinal surgery robot acquires FDA (US) licensing

CUREXO Corp., a medical robot specialist company, developed a spinal surgery robot - CUVIS-spine. CUVIS-spine has acquired FDA (US) license.Spinal surgery robot 'CUVIS-spine' is...

Capturing Clinical Efficacy Data Product to serve Chronic Stroke Patients with...

MedRhythms, a digital therapeutics company based in United States, uses sensors, music, and software to build, evidence-based, neurologic intervention, to measure and improve walking. Intended to be a rehabilitative device for walking improvement, it took a study to capture clinical efficacy data with Castor, a health-tech company, provider of clinical trial technology that automates the research process.

BAGUERAC Cervical Disc Prosthesis restore the height and preserve motion at...

Dr. Domagoj Coric at Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates in Charlotte NC performed the first surgery in the two-level U.S. Investigational Device Exemption (IDE)...

StimaWELL North America Inc. enters the US market

StimaWELL North America Inc. enters the USA market with its award-winning, FDA approved StimaWELL. SitmaWELL is 120MTRS Class II medical device, a wave E...

The Eclipse Platform to accelerate Research and Development of medicines

Synthego, the genome engineering company, launched Eclipse. Eclipse is a new high-throughput cell engineering platform designed to accelerate drug discovery and validation by providing...

New Brain Hub for Memory Restoration

The mammalian brain houses a complex network of structures that support memory, and a small region called the anterior thalamus is a critical part...

MagVenture introduces MagVenture Flow Arm for non-invasive brain stimulation

MagVenture, the Danish medical device company behind MagVenture TMS Therapy, introduces the MagVenture Flow Arm — a patent-pending, clinical positioning system to optimize the...

A timely intervention by doctors at Global Hospital, Mumbai

A team led by Dr Nitin Dange, Neurosurgeon at Global Hospital, Parel successfully performed a complex brain tumor resection surgery on Ganesh Bhor, a 29-year-old neuro technician, who was brought almost brain dead to the emergency.

Pune’s startup company Seagull BioSolutions to develop COVID-19 vaccine

Pune-based Seagull BioSolutions, a startup working on new biological technologies, is being funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), to undertake the...

NGMedical receives FDA Clearance for its BEE HA Cervical Cage System

NGMedical, a German medical device manufacturer exclusively focused on creating innovative technologies for spinal application, received FDA clearance for its anatomically shaped cervical interbody...

Track your health with Dozee

Dozee, a remote and contactless health monitoring device, is examining the health of over 20000 people at home and hospital set up. As the...

Spinal Elements acquires Benvenue Medical Assets

Spinal Elements, a spine technology company, acquires Benvenue Medical, Inc. assets. Among the assets are the Luna XD multi-expandable lumbar fusion device and the...

Embedded System Development for ARM-based Laboratory Analyzers – Modular is faster...

What’s the most efficient way to design-in the appropriate embedded logic into a laboratory device? More and more often, the answer is to use computer-on-modules, even for ARM-based designs. HEITEC used an NXP i.MX6 based Qseven module from congatec in the design of a spectrophotometric analyzer from Implen. - Zeljko Loncaric, Wolfgang Christl


The major focal points at this year’s International Medical and Healthcare Fair were global start-up companies and wearable devices, reports Subhajit Roy.

ARTIS icono biplane

ARTIS icono biplane is the ideal solution for a wide range of disciplines and procedures. Neuro procedures – and particularly stroke treatment – benefit...

DIR800 enhances the fluorescence capabilities of the microscope

Aesculap, Inc. received FDA 510(k) clearance for DIR800 3D digital infrared fluorescence for use with its Aesculap Aeos Robotic Digital Microscope. The clearance further...

First implantable magnet resonance detector developed

Scientists develop a new miniature NMR implant measures neuronal activity.

Empirical Spine receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for its LimiFlex Device

Empirical Spine Inc., a company developing advanced solutions for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders, FDA has granted Breakthrough Device Designation (BDD) for its...

Trial for Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries to be conducted over...

Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries treatment to reduce the inflammation and initiate a strong biologic cascade, including stem cell activation and neovascularization.

TheraFuze DBF Fiber Bag for Graft Containment in Spinal Surgery

TheraCell Announces Immediate Release Of Its TheraFuze DBF Fiber Bag Solution For Graft Containment In Spinal Surgery
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IIT Kharagpur researchers develop novel technology for Covid-19 rapid test

The researchers at IIT Kharagpur have developed a novel portable rapid diagnostic device to detect COVID-19 infection within an hour.

Pill-sized chemical heater for point-of-care diagnostic tests

The researchers observed that the reproducibility of the temperature profile is controlled by constant gas release, which is dictated by the shape of the lithium mould.
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Sesderma, a Spanish company specializes in Nanotechnology, has managed to produce an effective drug named Lactyferrin (LF) to counter the COVID-19 strain. Lactyferrin (LF)...
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AI Transforming the Imaging

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23rd edition of Medicall Expo attracts 20-plus countries in Chennai

The 23rd edition of Medicall, a B2B hospital equipment expo, wrapped up its three-day programme held at the Chennai Trade Centre from 26th July to 28th July, 2019. This Medicall exhibition hosted more than 6,000 products from 20-plus countries, reports Neha Wagle.